Patreon is a monthly subscription based service. 

Becoming a Patreon of my art will grant you first refusal on any originals for sale a day before public release. You'll also gain access to my private feed, where you'll get to view my artistic process, watching thumbnail sketches and concepts transform into fully formed illustrations. 
You can view exclusive behind the scenes pictures from my studio and events and have your say in what directions I take creatively by answering polls. Higher reward tiers will give you access to hand written notes and original artwork. 

Kofi is a tipping website.

Use Kofi if you'd like to show one time support by buying me a digital coffee, you can buy as many coffee's as you would like or enter a custom amount. The money raised from this service goes straight into my business, helping to pay for materials and equipment. 

My Amazon Wishlist includes a list of equipment and tools that would make running my business easier. If you'd prefer to support me directly by purchasing something for my art studio, you can do so here. I normally do a thank you post on Twitter to those who contribute this way so be sure to leave me your twitter handle if you're happy for me to thank you publicly.

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