Kofi is a tipping website. You can use Kofi if you'd like to show me one time support by buying me a digital coffee. You can buy as many as you like or enter a custom amount. The money raised from this service goes straight into my business, helping to pay for materials and new equipment.


Patreon is a monthly subscription based service. Becoming a Patreon of my art will grant you first refusal on any originals for sale a day before public release. 

You'll also gain access to my private feed, where you'll get to view my artistic process and watch thumbnail sketches transform into fully formed illustrations.

You can also view exclusive behind the scenes pictures from my studio, events, adventures and chat with me and other Patreons directly through the private Discord forums. 

"Ellis posts often, ranging from progress on art, to finished pieces, from nature parks they've visited recently to their work space. It's always wonderful to see these posts pop up. I am ridiculously happy that I found them on Patreon."

Cailyn Fox


A list of equipment and tools that would help my run my business. Ideal if you would prefer to support me directly by purchasing something for my art studio.

I normally do a thank you post on social media to thank those who contribute this way, so if you are comfortable with being thanked please feel free to share your social media handles with me when you check out.